Castles, Monuments & Monasteries

Northern Ireland has some of the finest castles on the island. The earliest are from Norman times, but fortified homes continued to be built well into the 17th century - much of Derry City dates from this era, including its encircling walls. Centuries of war, siege and expansion, have left a well-preserved legacy which is still there to be explored!

Museums and Visitor Attractions

Northern Ireland has a multitude of special interest museums to intrigue and inspire, including:


Northern Ireland has eight Blue Flag Beaches, seven of which are within 40 minutes drive from Killunaght House: Magilligan/Benone, Downhill, Castlerock and Portstewart Strand and Portrush.

House & Gardens

Northern Ireland is full of exciting historic houses and locations. The National Trust Northern Ireland plays an important role in providing access to Historic House & Garden experiences. Highlights include:

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